100% made in Italy

The company Rotafil, located in the Ind. Area of Padua, designs and manufactures professional electric universal motors with bar type commutators AC – DC.

The product range includes motors for vacuum cleaners and wet-dry vacuums, universal and permanent magnet motors, motors and custom finished products made to customer specifications.

Application fields

of Rotafil motors

vacuum cleaner motors: vacuum cleaners for domestic and professional use, vacuum sweepers, whirlpool baths, electric brooms, carpet cleaners, centralized vacuum systems, etc.

wet and dry motors with peripheral or tangential discharge: wet and dry vacuum cleaners for domestic and professional use, floor washers, plastic loaders, centralized extraction systems, suction-fumes, etc.
These motors are equipped with a special Rotafil patented water sealing system.

universal motors: household appliances and appliances for professional use such as carpet cleaners, electric brushes, coffee grinders, blenders, milkshakes, grain mills, key duplicators, gardening and other pumps, bench-top tools, etc.

permanenti magnet motors: bar equipment, automatic openings, floor brushes for floor cleaners, etc.

custom motors: electric shears, extruders, orbital sanders, fuel pumps, trimmers, food processors, blowers, treadmills, etc.